Day 3

I’m gonna try to keep my mouth shut for however long I could. It lasted a half hour.


I’m pretty sure the bathroom light has a mind of its own. The switch is kinda faulty, so it switches on and off on its own. 

What makes me suspect intelligence is the time when it switches on its own. 

When someone is inside, it always goes off. When they get out, it turns on. 

Early morning, I went to the loo with a torch knowing the light won’t work. But for a second, the light came on. I was gonna get happy when it turned off again. 

Almost like it saw me and went oops. 

Today I’ve decided to stop talking. Not for any particular reason other than I want to try it.

Didnt even last an hour. Mom called me and I forgot about the vow of silence and just answered back. 

I’m 90% done with the Sherlock and John post. Now I just have to actually type it. 

Woo-hoo! I can’t wait.. To get this done with. My head hurts from trying to make them all fit in a time line. 

Update: it’s 🕚 midnight now and mom is still up watching TV,which is fine if she’d just lower the volume.

Seriously, she should be telling me to sleep not the other way around, right? 

Day 2

I asked Sherlock and John if I could blog about their tweets and Sherlock said I could!

Today I discovered the priary school case that Sherlock and John’s Twitter accounts had published (?) together. 

It was long and detailed and almost nothing but a complete modern remake of an ACD Canon. But I still love it. 

It was kinda scattered though. I really wanted to see it all compiled together. I thought someone would have already done it considering just how many followers the accounts have. There weren’t any though. I was astonished! 

So I sat down and wrote the important tweets and the timings for these tweets. Then I directly tweeted at them both asking for permission to do it. 

And guess what? Sherlock answered in a really short time and even thanked me for asking them first. I literally squealed at my phone when I saw it. 

I’m totally gonna make a rocking post tomorrow and then send a link to them both. Coz I promised it when I asked first. I’ll definitely finish it tomorrow and send them a link. 

Who knows? Maybe they’ll even share the link. To be honest though I’d be happy if they liked it themselves. 

Day 1

The bench will be going soon

Today I decided that my Tumblr and blogger accounts were so forgotten so I just deleted them. 

I tried to get out of the whole blogging thing but I like the idea of just typing whatever too much to let it go. So I’m trying a different website and I’ve hidden this blog. 

Right now, I’m listening to Jonghyun’s Moon on repeat. It’s that good. 

Our back yard is gonna get reduced by 3 feet . Because those feet actually belong to our neighbor. They never cared about it before so we had a bench there. 

It was the perfect place to enjoy the evening and early mornings. Where am I gonna sit to enjoy the bird songs now? 

I’m gonna miss that bench spot.