Day 2

I asked Sherlock and John if I could blog about their tweets and Sherlock said I could!


Today I discovered the priary school case that Sherlock and John’s Twitter accounts had published (?) together. 

It was long and detailed and almost nothing but a complete modern remake of an ACD Canon. But I still love it. 

It was kinda scattered though. I really wanted to see it all compiled together. I thought someone would have already done it considering just how many followers the accounts have. There weren’t any though. I was astonished! 

So I sat down and wrote the important tweets and the timings for these tweets. Then I directly tweeted at them both asking for permission to do it. 

And guess what? Sherlock answered in a really short time and even thanked me for asking them first. I literally squealed at my phone when I saw it. 

I’m totally gonna make a rocking post tomorrow and then send a link to them both. Coz I promised it when I asked first. I’ll definitely finish it tomorrow and send them a link. 

Who knows? Maybe they’ll even share the link. To be honest though I’d be happy if they liked it themselves. 

Author: oohwiseone

I can't keep my mouth shut

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